Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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  1. Check out our new school and we are seeking for volunteers to teach English.

  2. Women Care Group101 Non Profit, is a nonprofit organization that help poor women and children to earn a living by training the women how to read and write,farming skills, sewing,making bean bags and basketry. Please join our volunteer program.

  3. IIMAC is a not-for-profit, non-government, development organisation with a focus on helping Illegal immigrant women with their siblings. We provide advice and support to individuals, communities worldwide.Our ultimate goal is to locate and help illegal immigrant women and their siblings living abroad to help them become fully self-sustainable before helping them to go back to their home country if they choose or become legal residents. We provide educational and training opportunities, secure project funding, build infrastructure and create networks to support their needs. Over time, this support can decrease as these women will become self-dependent.

    join us!!

  4. Join our Facebook Broken Heart Christian Family .

    Our mission involves creating a group that can be a safe gathering place for the broken heart people, to come and experience the grace and forgiveness of God. Broken Heart Christian Family is for those who wish to find healing for the things that have hurt and wounded their souls. Especially those who are in terrible shapes that seeks for where they can belong and those who question their belief due to series of failures. We help to nurture and encourage our member’s faith by the grace of the one true God and in Jesus Christ our savior.

    How we work.
    We gather in prayers at our homes and locations to intercede for our members in prayer and donation when necessary and by so doing we deposit the Seed of Hope and healing through our lord Jesus Christ.

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  5. Join us in our facebook fan page
    Twitter ID: womencaregroup1


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